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At Assurity Consulting our speciality is working with larger SMEs and those organisations who own, occupy or managing buildings where they are responsible for managing the plant and equipment within it (e.g. air and water services, plant rooms, lifts, etc.).  

You must also consider the wider context of health and safety and not just “slips, trips and falls” and accidents, more productive time for organisations is lost through, ill health and occupational diseases than workplace injuries. Knowing where your risks are is the start, followed by the priority order in which they should be managed – realistically and proportionately.

Your risks typically will be informed by three elements primarily, your people, your work activities and your place of work, for example;

  • If you are a building owner, tenant, have an FRI lease or look after common parts of a property, you will have responsibility for some or all of aspects like fire, asbestos, pressure systems, lift/lifting equipment and Legionella. That responsibility could also be shared with one or several other dutyholders.
  • Your work activities could include work at height, manual handling/lifting, display screen work, food, noise, work equipment and driving. Are these routine risks to your organisation and if so how are they being managed to best effect?
  • The people aspects of your organisation can often be the most complex and range from location (i.e. peripatetic, office based, warehouse, mobile) to first aid and RIDDOR, chemicals, young persons, equality and disability and training.

Assurity Consulting have a long-term track record of supporting organisations by delivering proportionate, targeted, simple and easily accessible health and safety advice. So, whether you are a tenant, building owner, building manager, landlord or other dutyholder, we know what successful health and safety management looks like.  


Confidence in your compliance

Confidence in your compliance

Legislation is complex and binding. Retaining Assurity Consulting gives you the confidence that your environment is safe and compliant.

Expert assessment

Expert assessment

We are totally focussed on the welfare of your workplace, our specialist in-house team include:

  • Chemists, microbiologists, and laboratory scientists;
  • Consultants trained, qualified and experienced in the management of fire safety, access, asbestos, general health and safety, environment, Legionella, air and water quality;
  • A detailed understanding of operational buildings and so how they should be performing against your legal requirements and best practice; and
  • Our own UKAS accredited laboratory meaning you get traceability and consistency of service from sample to result.
Online compliance management

Online compliance management

Our Assurity Plus solution helps you to simplify your operation and focus resource on areas of greatest need, saving you time and money.

Impartial advice

Impartial advice

The fact that our consultants do not offer remedial services gives them the freedom to focus totally on your situation and your needs, now and into the future.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Our impartial advice on your individual situation delivers many opportunities for cost savings and the avoidance of unnecessary expenditure.

Customer testimonials

esure logo


"We carry out assessments every year and Assurity Consulting provide us with very detailed information about the condition and output of our plant/systems. They also serve as an independent review of the planned preventative maintenance work carried out by our building services contractors."

- Richard Comfort, Head of Facilities, esure

Penguin Random House v3

Penguin Random House

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the Assurity Consulting team to any prospective customer. I was introduced to Assurity Consulting (Elementus) in 2012, I have been very pleased with the high level of service and performance by them."

- Jim Gibson, Facilities Manager, Penguin Random House

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"Having worked with Assurity Consulting for a number of years I know I can rely on their support and professional advice on all aspects of workplace compliance including areas that are not specifically detailed in our agreement. Having an independent view point is essential and their online compliance management tool enables central monitoring to be carried out with ease."

- Carol Morrison, Compliance & Supplier Relationship Manager UK&I Properties, Fujitsu Services Ltd

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“Assurity Consulting continue to provide Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield with excellent support and guidance in relation to Legionella and air quality risk. They provide cost effective solutions ensuring that the interests of our business are always met. Their employees are always pleasant and knowledgeable and they consistently deliver clear and concise reports, which are easy to understand and action.

- Jakub Skwarlo, Director of Operations UK, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield

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