Freshfields London estate is currently comprised of Whitefriars, 65 Fleet Street (20,764 sqm) and Northcliffe House, 26-28 Tudor Street (17,772 sqm), in the City of London, home to 2,200 employees. The estate has included several other significant buildings in Fleet Street over the years. It is in an area of historic interest, with a high density of prestige buildings.

Since moving into Whitefriars following its construction in 1990, Freshfields has engaged Assurity Consulting to undertake regular workplace environmental assessments on the air and water systems. The objective is to independently assure the consistency of workplace conditions against high standards of workplace comfort, maintenance and legal compliance. Freshfields demand the same attention to detail, quality of advice and commitment from consultants and contractors as they provide themselves.

20 years on and they still use the expert knowledge of Assurity Consulting to deliver assurance on standards. Assurity Consulting has been flexible to Freshfields’ needs, often changing the program of sample sites to reflect changes of use or address particular employee concerns. Assurity Consulting has become the “go to” option whenever there is a need outside of the norm for a trusted independent opinion on the workplace environment. Examples include:

  • Testing unknown building materials to eliminate the possibility of asbestos.

  • Advising on the possible impact on Legionella controls when making energy-saving adjustments to chilled/condenser water circulation.

  • Providing independent advice on a variety of client and employee queries including the health effects of ozone, CO2, VOC’s and fungal spores, the selection of cleaning chemicals, the evaluation of water and energy saving proposals and environmental management

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