What is HVO?

HVO stands for hydro-treated vegetable oil and it is a biofuel that is gaining in popularity in Europe and the USA. 

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TUC is calling for asbestos removal in workplaces

Following the sad death of former Labour MP Alice Mahon from mesothelioma, believed to be the result of exposure to asbestos in the workplace, the TUC have renewed calls for all public buildings to be made asbestos free.

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Asbestos still in mind, with new campaign targeting younger workers

Asbestos-related disease accounts for around 4500 deaths a year in Great Britain, making it “the single greatest cause of work-related deaths” according to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures.

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Government emergency alert

Remember that on Sunday 23rd April at 15:00, a test Government emergency alert will be sent to all UK smart phones and tablets.

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Building evacuation when the (fire) alarm sounds!

I have worked in the Facilities Management/Health and Safety profession for nearly 30 years, and now, in 2023 I am still astounded that when a building evacuation (fire) alarm sounds, there are still, to this day, people who do not evacuate a building.

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HSE Statistics Illustrated

The HSE recently released their "Summary statistics for Great Britain 2022" - here we break down some of the figures.

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Has the updated radon potential map affected your risk assessment?

We don’t often talk about radon and usually associate it with the West Country, however here in West Sussex, building regulation required my extension to have a radon barrier below the floor a few years ago.

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New Government Department with a net zero mandate

The current 23rd Ministerial Department is the newly formed Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ).

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