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Agile working: have you considered all of the legal and safety issues?

This information is provided as a collaboration between Assurity Consulting and Greenwoods GRM LLP.

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Managing your health and safety incident reporting

In any organisation things don’t always go to plan, and managing these events, as and when they occur, is fundamental to successfully managing your ongoing health and safety.

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The challenges of change for task and asset management

Facilities and workplace management has always been one of those professions where 50% of your time is spent dealing with issues that were never on the “to do” list.

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Biological hazards in the workplace

Think of the word 'biohazard' and for many the picture of a glass phial filled with a luminous liquid is what springs to mind.

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Putting your workplace first-aid back on the road to recovery too

By virtue of the date of the regulations alone (The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981), providing first-aid is not a new subject to organisations.

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COVID-19 recovery step by step – what does it mean for those managing buildings?

Step 1 of the Government’s “roadmap to recovery” began this week with outdoor exercise/recreation permitted with one other person, and primary and secondary schools reopening, although, some schools have been open and operating with essential worker and other children since January 2021.

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COVID-19 Secure - Re-creating confidence in the workplace

The last year has had more than its fair share of bad news. Directly through the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, a greater focus on public health, has seen increases in the awareness and perception. Concerns over compliance, air quality, water quality and of course COVID-19 Secure have, rightly or wrongly, put our workplaces in the spotlight too.

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COVID-19 secure control measures and the affect on people with disabilities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have had to put in place suitable COVID-19 secure control measures to make sure that their buildings and services are safe for staff and visitors to use.

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2021: a year for building management to review already

2021 has started in much the same way as 2020 went for most in corporate real estate and building/estates management, with time and investment in COVID-19 Secure as well as statutory compliance and health, safety and environmental management.

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Managing COVID-19: 2021 health and safety lockdown considerations

We are set to live with COVID-19 well into 2021, so what will the requirements be for health and safety over the next 3 months?

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COVID-19 Management Planning: Managing air systems and services

As our sector responds to the new normal, we recognise that air quality, from an operations perspective, is a key consideration in helping to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, while maintaining conditions as optimum as possible for occupants.

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Issue 12: Christmas COVID-19 Secure

As we near the end of the year and thoughts turn to a tiered Christmas, we still need to be maintaining COVID-19 Secure, as well as our statutory compliance.

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