Corporate responsibility (CR) - why is it important?

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Often these issues are qualitative rather than quantitative, making them seem less tangible; however, this does not make them any less vital to the success of a business. CR can be split into four areas: Community, Workplace, Marketplace and Environment.


The Enhanced Directors Report (EDR) means that large and medium UK companies must report on the position and prospects of the business, including details of major risks and uncertainties. This, therefore, includes environmental and social risks. Although not created under the label of CR, legislation that acts to protect the environment, human rights, employee's working conditions etc. are all part of CR. Therefore, not only does good CR ensure compliance, it also provides the company with a head start on any new legislation in the future.

What is CR reporting?

Due to its very nature, the only way of undertaking good CR reporting is by making it honest, genuine and with the best of intentions. Transparency is key. A good CR report tells of the good and the not so good. But acknowledgement of poor performance and a commitment to its improvement is the purpose of a CR report.

Do we need a review?

A CR review will help you to identify the potential impacts of your business on society and the environment. It will enable you to rank these impacts in order of pertinence and risk. It will establish where you currently stand as far as managing these impacts. It will instigate a commitment to change and improvement which every business must have in order to succeed in the future.

How do we get started?

Most organisations are already doing something positive under the Corporate Responsibility heading, but have not recognised it as such. Examples include giving to charity, good workplace health and safety and recycling initiatives.

By having a management review from an external consultant, you can pull all these efforts together and create a plan for sustainable improvement within your business.

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