Emma Smith, Consultancy Services Manager

Emma SmithStarting out as a Consultant, Emma delivered air quality, water quality, computer room and kitchen hygiene workplace environmental assessments, building up strong repours with her customers. Emma has also in recent years become a keen trainer in Legionella Awareness training and enjoys meeting the wide variety of customers through this service provision.

Emma has always been commercially focussed, and thrives in contract management, working with our leading customers to make sure that our service delivery is the best it possibly can be. Her love for building relationships and continually developing service delivery remains a true focus for Emma.

Emma has progressed through the business, and now manages a team of consultants working with them to build their technical skills whilst developing their contract management skills and business development opportunities. 

Emma is married with a stepson and a daughter and loves the great outdoors. Any opportunity for the family to get outside for an adventure will be taken. Emma loves to run (plod) when she can and has been partial to a marathon or eight through the years. Mountains have also had great appeal over the years too, but now with the family in tow, the Smith’s enjoy camping holidays together, relishing the simpler things in life.

Working at Assurity Consulting has continued to challenge and excite me over the past 14 years. I consider myself privileged to work for an organisation which shows such care for their staff and their customers. The diversity of work at Assurity Consulting is really fantastic, and I thrive on meeting new people every day, and helping to find solutions to support our customers, whilst being confident that what we provide really is the best. I am so lucky to work with the team at Assurity Consulting and thrive on supporting my individual team to help to guide and develop them to meet their potential.

Insights by Emma

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