The next free Assurity Consulting webinar: The Predictability of Change

During our next webinar, 09:30-10:30, Tuesday 20th October 2020, we are going to consider the effects the last six months have had on the workplace, from a health, safety and user experience perspective and what that may mean for these topics in the future.


In March 2020, Leesman set about understanding how home working would impact employee experience. Now with more than 125,000+ responses gathered, the survey data allows Leesman to directly compare the experience of employees working at home to the experience of working in an office. Join Allison English, Leesman’s Deputy CEO, as she shares highlights from the latest findings and offers guidance on what that might mean for your future workplace strategies.

Greg Davies, Director of Market Development at Assurity Consulting, will then look at how predictable this pandemic – as well as other major impact risks – actually is and so what really changes, or doesn’t as the case may be, in our management of workplace compliance, now and in the future.

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