Food Safety Management Documentation

Food safety management documentation/system is both a legal requirement and your means of putting safe practices at the heart of your organisation.

Put simply your food safety management documentation/system should detail your practices and procedures to control food related hazards and risks to make sure what you are providing is safe to eat.

Based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) – an internationally recognised methodology - our food safety management documentation is produced having considered your catering provision and:

  • Where the risks are to food safety and what could go wrong;
  • Identifying any critical control points in the process and what can be done to eliminate or control them;
  • Agreeing actions to take if something goes wrong;
  • Making sure that your procedures are being adhered to and achieving compliance; and
  • Keeping records to show your procedures are working.

An Assurity Consulting food safety management documentation/system is tailored to the needs of you and your organisation, and the expectation you place on any inhouse or external service provider and suppliers. They can be produced in isolation or as part of a wider food safety audit/assessment (the benefit being you have a complete picture of your food safety management provision).

Our team of food consultants are qualified to Level 4 certificate in managing food safety in catering or higher and with building services as well as enforcement experience in the team are able to clearly understand and deliver what you need.