Catering Supplier Food Safety Management Review

As with any external contractor providing you with a specialist service, you don’t always know the quality of what you are getting. With food safety, this can be a significant issue. Righty many providers carry out their own auditing, but for who’s benefit and to what extent do you see the outcomes?

Having a wholly independent source of information and reporting directly to you, we have the solution, an Assurity Consulting catering management review.

Tailored to identifying the levels of control and food safety in place and able to target specific issues of concern, if any, our consultants are qualified to a Level 4 Certificate in managing food safety in catering or higher and have building services and environmental health experience/support.

We will audit and review your policies, procedures and processes covering your kitchens, restaurants, food storage rooms, changing rooms and toilets (as applicable), to assess the levels of food safety management in place. We provide a report following the visit confirming what we’ve found, together with any recommendations to meet or improve the safe delivery of food to your staff and visitors.

So, whether it is to gather accurate, independent information on perceived or actual issues with your food safety or merely confirm that everything is being done properly, your peace of mind is just an enquiry away.