The COVID that stole Christmas (and the office)

14th December 2021



09:30 Open
10:30 Close


As “The Grinch” in the Dr Seuss story, looked to cynically but ultimately unsuccessfully steal Christmas, so we have seen the global pandemic of the last eighteen months take-away and change much of what we had traditionally accepted as normal (including for many of us the Christmas of 2020).

As well as having a profound effect on our collective public health, unlike the Grinch’s efforts, COVID-19 has also seen significant and possibly long-term change to our workstyle and so workplaces.

Our final webinar of the year is therefore investigating the “WHOs”, whats and whys in the current trends from both a people and place perspective, to identify some of the challenges and opportunities that exist to help our workplace management and look to achieve a happy ending (this will not be in verse however).

So, come and join us virtually, for our last webinar of 2021!

Our speakers

Allison English, Deputy CEO, Leesman will talk through how COVID-19 has been the catalyst that has fundamentally redefined work. Changing work patterns have led to new expectations and a shift in the balance of power between employer and employee. Allison will share insights from Leesman’s data that will shed light on what may be in store for the future of work.

Allison joined Leesman in 2018 as Client Services Director to involve herself in meaningful work which would help improve employee experience. After spending time in dozens of offices around the Americas, APAC and EMEA, Allison’s exposure to various work environments and cultures results in a unique perspective of the workplace and how people interact with it. She was appointed as Leesman’s Deputy CEO in March 2020.


In the last 11 years, Leesman has amassed more than 890,000 responses to their survey measuring employee workplace experience. In March 2020, they started measuring an employee’s experience working from home using the same methodology, and with that database of more than 250,000 respondents they are able to directly compare the home and office experiences to inform future of work strategies for organisations around the world.

Allison English

Greg Davies, Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting will take the building approach and considers from a health, safety and sustainability perspective, what we could see influencing the workplace over the coming year.

Greg is a recognised expert in health, safety and environmental compliance and as a result has been asked for support in a range of investigations, and with his extensive working knowledge he is a regular presenter at industry events. He has been involved in discussions with various Government departments and others (DECC (now BEIS), Defra, the HPA and CCC) on compliance and sustainability. Using this combined experience Greg is increasingly being asked by customers to brief and update their boards of directors and governors on health, safety and environmental compliance. Greg has also recently joined an Institute of Directors Expert Advisory Group on The Future of the Workplace.

Assurity Consulting is an independent consultancy specialising in workplace health, safety and environmental solutions. With more than 35 years’ experience of helping customers across a range of different sectors manage their compliance
responsibilities as effectively as possible, developing true partnerships with them by working as part of their team, to give simple and impartial advice.

Greg Davies