Game of Moans

12th March 2019

Central London Venue


08:30 Registration, breakfast and weapons practice
09:00 Introduction - Paul Phillips, Director of Consultancy Services, Assurity Consulting
09:10 People, plant, performance: what do we know, what are the myths and what can we do? – Julie Godefroy, Technical Manager, CIBSE
10:00 Networking, refreshments and dragonfire
10:20 Waging war on the game of moans – Greg Davies, Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
10:50 Summary and Questions
11:00 Close


The Battle between People, Plant, Performance and Perception.

In an age where wellbeing is in the ascendancy and nutrition, exercise and flexibility the rallying cries, how do we recognise the effects our places of work contribute to the overall strategy? 

Building services have a history for being maligned by occupants - justifiably or not. Be it too hot, too cold, too stuffy, draughty, dark, noisy or causing headaches, itching, sore eyes, coughs and colds it is always the fault of the building. But is that the reality or just fantasy?

Our first seminar of 2019, marshalling the collective strength of CIBSE and Assurity Consulting, takes a close look at the battleground, as well as considering a number of tactics you can use to make your building environment the stuff of legends.

So come and join forces with us at our Westeros and Essos for the day, for breakfast and to slay the game of moans – dragons not included. 

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