The Future of Fire Safety Management

23rd May 2018

Central London Venue


08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Greg Davies, Welcome, Housekeeping and Opening
10:00 Refreshment break
10:25 Mick Hand, Fire Safety Officer, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
11:00 Panel Q&A - All speakers
11:15 Review and close


Eight years in the making and repealing over 100 pieces of previous legislation, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order RR(FS)O 2005 has been in place for over 11 years.

Since its introduction there has been continuous improvement in areas of fire safety management and change in others. How it sits with the array of other fire related British Standards, approved documents, guidance and specifications now in place, has been a point for debate.

The tragic events of last year at Grenfell Tower rightly brought this debate into sharper focus. As we wait for the lessons to be learnt from the public inquiry into the fire, our next seminar considers what this future might hold.

Taking views from the legal, enforcement and practitioner standpoints we are offering you the opportunity to join us for breakfast, learning and networking to help shape and be informed on what the future of fire safety management could look like.

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