Expecting the Unexpected

24th November 2020



09:30 Open
10:30 Close


2020 has seen the need for nearly all organisations to re-evaluate their work and work activities. With events being, initially, largely out of our control too, what we did then and how we’ve adapted to the “new normal” since, has been key to the level of success achieved.

Against this backdrop, at our final webinar of the year (an example of one of those adaptions for us), we are going to consider the topic of business continuity.

  • What further changes are we likely to see in the workplace?
  • What can we be doing now to prepare for them?
  • What other potentially foreseeable events may come along?

Shane McMahon, Lead Resilience Consultant with Horizonscan, will be discussing the importance of taking time out to “prepare for the unexpected” with inclusive business continuity planning. Drawing on real-world experiences, international management standards and current business challenges, Shane will look at the future of business continuity and offer some practical steps to make sure your people are better prepared to respond, recover and adapt to the next disruptive event.

Greg Davies, Director of Market Development at Assurity Consulting, will be looking at some of the specifics in terms of the “known knowns” as well as possible “unknown unknowns” that could affect and influence our workplace and workplace compliance management.

Our Speakers

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon MBCI, GradIRM, MSc and Lead Resilience Consultant, Horizonscan

Horizonscan BCP are global leaders in risk, crisis-management and business continuity. The team go into organisations and build the frameworks to help them recover from major crisis events. With COVID-19 creating a global emergency, much of their present focus is on helping their clients to respond and rebuild.

Shane has a wealth of experience from careers in the public and private sector. Shane has a particular interest in developing resilience in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's), start-ups, and critical national infrastructure providers. Shane has been busy supporting a diverse range of global clients respond and adapt to Covid-19.

Greg DaviesGreg Davies, Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting

Assurity Consulting is an independent consultancy specialising in workplace health, safety and environmental solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience of helping customers across a range of different sectors manage their compliance responsibilities as effectively as possible, developing true partnerships with them by working as part of their team, to give simple and impartial advice.

Greg can draw on over thirty years in compliance management, across market sectors and in a range of subject areas (Legionella, fire, asbestos, health and safety, sustainability and access). Using this combined experience Greg is increasingly being asked by customers to brief and update their boards of directors and governors on health, safety and environmental compliance.