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Pseudomonas Difficult to Say, But Easy to Get Wrong

In February 2019, a piercing aftercare saline solution has been found responsible for a number of people contracting infections across the UK.

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Fines for food safety offences are increasingly making the news

Fines for pest infestations in restaurants have been increasingly making the news headlines.

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Sustainability – What’s in a word?

The IWFM sustainability in FM survey for 2018 was launched this week.

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How unhealthy is your workplace?

Does your workplace discourage physical activity and encourage its employees to make less healthy choices? In our workplace similar to other workplaces I’m sure, it depends on the role you…

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Welcome 2019 and what might you have in store for us?

It only seems like yesterday I was getting ready for Christmas and yet now it has not only passed but we are into 2019 too.

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