What are the important Health and Safety “starts”?

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips
Director of Consultancy Services, Assurity Consulting
23rd May 2019

Whilst in the shower this morning I read on the shampoo bottle that “there’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start”!

It got me thinking about the service we provide to our customers….and naturally came up with this adaptation of the slogan “there’s more to life than health and safety, but it’s a good place to start”!

So, what are the important “starts” that we need to think about when it comes to health and safety?

The ones I came up with are:

  • When we have new people join our organisation – what’s important to us and them in terms of health and safety?
  • When we take on new service or product suppliers – what do we know about them and what do they need to know about us?
  • When we start a relationship with new customers – what should we share about each other, so we are happy to “do business” together?
  • When we introduce a new workplace, location or activity into our organisation – what should we consider in terms of health and safety so it’s a success?
  • When we introduce a new process into our organisation – what health and safety impacts need to be considered?

Getting things off to a good start in terms of health and safety helps enormously. It helps to achieve long term, sustainable success and helps to avoid known pitfalls before they arise.

So, what does success look like with the scenarios I identified?

  • New starters are clear about how they can stay healthy and safe and how we will support that outcome.
  • New suppliers of services or products know what we expect of them and what they can expect of us.
  • New relationships with customers start well and we both agree what good health and safety looks like.
  • New workplaces, locations or activities start well from a health & safety perspective and help to promote wellbeing at work.
  • New processes start and continue well because health and safety is part of sustainable controls in place to make them successful.

Yes, there may be more to life than health and safety….but it definitely is a good place to start!