Tenants returning to the office – new times, new considerations and old risks?’

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
31st July 2020

As well as a myriad of COVID-19 risk assessment/risk management advice being sought, much of the discussions are also around general health and safety, fire and in particular water management.

By their nature many people in SME’s wear their facilities, office or workplace hats with a number of others. So, they may not always have the depth of knowledge or experience to fully understand what a “restart” like this can actually involve, or the knock-on consequences of an unplanned shutdown.

So, in addition to getting “COVID-19 Secure”, relevant aspects of statutory compliance, Legionella/water, fire and general health and safety, to name but four, will all need to be re-engaged, reviewed and managed for a safe and successful return to the office, not forgetting those who may also be on longer term home or agile working. There are also those unintended issues around potentially pests, cleaning, system condition etc. that could need attention too.

It also must be recognised that numbers of managing agents we work with have been very proactive in providing information to their tenants. As a result, both parties are aware of their responsibilities and remobilised accordingly. This is not the case for all though, but a focussed, co-operative and coordinated approach does benefit everybody.

As well as being more than happy to continue to answer any questions you have, Assurity Consulting can offer a range of solutions (COVID-19 or otherwise) to support you get back to where you need to be. So please get in touch.