Sustainability – What’s in a word?

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
18th January 2019

The IWFM sustainability in FM survey for 2018 was launched this week. Now 12 years old, despite its relatively tender age it is the most enduring assessment of the subject in the UK.

On behalf of the institute's Sustainability SIG, I have taken the lead on the survey for the last seven or so years. It again provides a telling insight into our industry.

While for areas such as compliance, organisational ethos and corporate image the drivers for sustainability in organisations have stayed largely consistent, the assumption that all these are purely environmentally based is no longer true. For sure health and safety, waste, energy/carbon and water remain KPIs/targets for many organisations, but social value, wellbeing, diversity and community are becoming as visible to stakeholders, but maybe not targeted to the same extent yet.

And therein lies both the opportunity and potential threat for our industry. Because these aspects are less well understood currently - with little or no form of accepted measure – it is difficult to then assess their overall effect or contribution. Someone needs to do this, and if it isn’t lead by FM I’m sure there are other business departments who would be happy to take on the challenge and any subsequent recognition.

The link to the report is below. Enjoy.