Keeping the kids entertained now school is finished!

Charlotte Paul 2019

Charlotte Paul
Marketing Coordinator, Assurity Consulting
23rd March 2020

As the nation slowly starts to shut down, many families are finding themselves in Coronavirus-induced isolation. And family tensions are rising!

We thought we'd come up with some ideas to help keep the kids entertained whilst parents juggle, working from home, homeschooling, feeding those hungry mouth's all whilst trying to control the panic when the loo roll starts to run out!

So here are our top tips on keeping those little ones busy:

1. Keep to a routine!

Never under-estimate how important a routine is! So create a new 'normal' for you and the family. Make sure you all get up at a normal time, get yourselves dressed for the day, make the bed! Creating your new 'normal' is going to be essential when managing stress. If parents are acting stressed and anxious the kids will pick up on this.

2. Keep a separate area of the house for learning which the kids can associate with learning when they go there!

Just like with school, if you have an area of the house which is a designated learning area kids will know that when they are there it's time to learn. It's important to give kids regular breaks away from this area so that concentration is kept at a maximum. And breaks aren't on the PlayStation or in front of the TV. Breaks should be in the fresh air like in the playground at school.

3. Bring Physical Education into the home!

Most of you will have heard of the fitness guru Joe Wicks or The Body Coach. Every Monday-Friday at 9am Joe Wicks will be running free PE classes live on his YouTube channel. But if you're not able to log in at 9am don't worry! Joe Wicks will be saving the live class to his YouTube page which can be accessed at any time.

4. Get the kids into Baking!

Baking is a fun activity whilst teaching the kids skills they'll need later on in life. Whether it's baking for fun or helping prepare the family evening meal a distraction away from the school books could be welcome for you all.

5. Bring those old board games out of the cupboard!

When was the last time you sat down as a family and played a good old fashioned board game? Board games are great for all ages and can provide the family with hours of fun.

6. Read to each other!

Now is a good time to catch up on some of that reading you never get time to do. If you've still got them, why not dig out your old school books that you loved as a child and try them out on your kids.

7. Have a craft hour!

Whether you choose to carry on with a craft you're all familiar with or try a brand new craft the internet is full of crafting ideas for all ages. Studies have proven that arts and crafts engage multiple brain areas simultaneously and improve bilateral coordination between the left and right sides of the brain, leading to immediate and future cognitive development. So digging out those crayons and paints is a definite must!