Keeping the focus on compliance

Greg Davies 2022

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
28th May 2021

Predictably, with restrictions having eased and increasing numbers of people returning to work, this would be the case, but it is also creating additional demands.

For one, the level of particularly senior management health and safety training we are delivering has dramatically increased again, in combination with (more foreseeably) Legionella and water management (remobilisation) training too. The former has much of it’s basis in the greater awareness that health and safety has had over the last 12 months and requires a more proactive move by dutyholders to clearly understand, and re-establish, the importance of both culture and compliance in it’s successful delivery.

One of the aspects I’ve been highlighting with this training is the need to review your risk registers – or in some cases develop them – as elements of them could be materially different now to what they were at the start of 2020. This in turn may well have a knock on effect in priorities and so the focus needed for ongoing strategy, management and control.

Tactically COVID-Secure risk assessments need to be kept under review. While little in the way of change has occurred to the government guidance recently, systems, services and people are now changing and changing more frequently so these need to be recognised and reflected.

On a more operational level we are also seeing, as organisations start to re-mobilise and re-open, increasing issues around two recurring areas, water and social distancing.

  • With more demands being placed on in-house teams/service providers to get things done as they prepare to re-open, flushing regimes in particular seem to be the area that now gets missed. With the warmer weather starting to appear too this can exacerbate these further. As building occupancy levels increase, by it’s very nature so will water usage and the areas of the building not now “infrequently” used. Make sure you are reflecting these in your management and keep it active.

  • Whether through vaccination, testing, time or complacency more people seem to be less consciously observing the employed social distancing measures. Also remember, the established social distancing protocols for current staff are not for those returning from a long period at home, who may simply revert to their familiar pre-pandemic mindset on coming back into the office. Communicating and informing staff of the expectations and procedures you are maintaining will be fundamental to keeping everyone adopting the right attitude.

As always if we can be of any support to you in helping you, establish, re-establish or demonstrate your ongoing workplace compliance please get in touch.