Keeping COVID-19 Secure current

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
19th June 2020

The main elements of management concern risk assessment around distancing, hygiene and building operation/access and communicating this with employees and others as needed.

Our pandemic response though is a rapidly changing and evolving situation. As well as variable numbers of people returning to the workplace, the science, economic and political picture is also influencing change. So what was in place in the middle of May is likely to need review already at best and further change likely. Some of the factors that are, and already have, come into play include:

  • The UK’s Covid-19 alert level has been lowered from 4 to 3 – although as the four chief medical officers warned this “does not mean that the pandemic is over”;
  • The 2metre distancing “rule” coming under review and potentially being scraped in schools;
  • More advice being issued from the HSE;
  • More sector specific advice being produced, particularly as sectors such as non essential retail re-open;
  • Changing advice on face coverings and masks;
  • The differences in requirements between the four UK countries;
  • The introduction of travel related quarantine;
  • More staff returning to work test the workability of the existing controls in place.

Your strategy, risk assessment and controls need to be reviewed and adapted (as needed) against the changing advice, as with the feedback you are getting on the effectiveness of the existing controls you have in place. As an example our risk assessment is already on version 6, and the initial document was detailed!! What is yours on?