Fire Wardens in an agile workplace

Victoria Teer 2022

Victoria Teer
13th December 2021

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this and even in Pantomime season we have no magic wand to conjure up a solution. There are still many options to consider though, that will need to be based on your business needs, work practices and the level of residual risk you are willing to take on. We hope the list below will assist you to make the best decision.

Five options to provide fire wardens in an agile workplace:

  1. Train additional fire wardens to always have enough cover for when an evacuation takes place.
  2. Train all members of staff who are permanently based in the office to be fire wardens. You must have permanent staff workstations located in all areas of the workplace for this to provide suitable coverage.     
  3. Train additional fire wardens and through the desk booking process nominate the fire wardens for the week. A list of the nominated fire wardens for each day can then be displayed on health and safety notice boards so everyone is informed and there is a point of contact should anyone have any fire related concerns, as well as to cover the clear floor policy effectively.  
  4. Train all staff to be fire wardens. Position instructions along with the area to sweep and a Hi-Vis jacket by each emergency exit point. Whoever reaches this exit first when the fire alarm sounds is the nominated fire warden for the area as instructed.
  5. Train all staff to be fire wardens. At the entrance to the workplace, instruct reception/security staff daily to ask occupants where they will be located and for them to issue fire warden instruction cards and a Hi-Vis jacket to the first person to occupy each area of the workplace. This nominated person is then the fire warden for the day. It is their responsibility to nominate a deputy for the day should they leave the workplace at any point. After a set time in the morning, security will also need to perform a sweep of the workplace for any areas not yet covered and nominate additional fire wardens if required.