“I’m not sure about going back to the office…”

James Campbell 2016

James Campbell
Senior Consultant and Service Leader, Assurity Consulting
21st May 2021

As 21st June approaches, and concern about the Indian variant continues - lots of people are thinking about what 21st June will hold in store for them. Recent surveys have painted a picture of a hesitant workforce, worried about catching coronavirus when they return to the office.

A lot of effort has gone into making our workplaces COVID secure - we have seen this first-hand when visiting our customer's buildings. Whether it be the social distancing measures, cleaning regimes or increased fresh air supplies, there are plenty of things to shout about to reassure those that are returning to the office.

It is really important to let your people know about all the steps that you have taken to provide them with a safe and healthy environment to return to. If they have any doubts or reservations about coming back into the office, then knowing everything that you have done will help to put their minds at ease. Think about how best to communicate these steps, and what method will have the furthest reach and impact within your particular organisation.

Communication is key. If you need any help reassuring your employees, why not use us to carry out an independent check of your workplace control measures, we would be happy to help.