How do you know if your organisation’s training is sufficient?

Vicki Filson

Vicki Filby-Filson
Senior Consultant, Assurity Consulting
29th October 2018

Last week London Zoo was fined £40k following a worker sustaining injury falling from a stepladder. This fine was significantly reduced due to the charity status and considered how the original fine of £300,000 would impact conservation work. The direct cause of the accident was reported as lack of training. Whilst the worker had been at the zoo for 4 years, she was at the bottom of the list for working at height training, as she didn’t have to use steps often.

Working at height training can be simple to deliver, particularly for those who occasionally use stepladders.  It could have probably been covered in half an hour for this individual and she would have been aware of how to check the stepladder, set it up and use it safely.  This is definitely a case to highlight that a little pre-planning is definitely more cost effective and would have prevented a potentially serious injury.