Did you know that today is Purple Tuesday?

Katie Howard 2017

Katie Howard
Consultant, Assurity Consulting
3rd November 2020

Assurity Consulting is participating in Purple Tuesday to re-emphasise our ongoing commitment to providing a disability inclusive environment and services. This is shown through continually reviewing not only the physical environment, but also by assessing our website, policies and procedures to make sure we are able to lead by example and provide relevant accessibility support.

We are committed to providing an equal and inclusive environment within our own office; as well as helping our customers to improve access to their workplace through our accessibility services, which includes access audits, access management reviews, disability and equality awareness training and general support.

Our team of disability access experts make sure that their colleagues have a good understanding of disability awareness and etiquette to prevent discriminating against customers and colleagues alike. This ties in beautifully with our core company values, expert, responsive, integrity and collaborative.