Confidence with air quality in the workplace

Emma Smith 2022

Emma Smith
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
11th August 2021

Throughout the pandemic, ventilation has been a key area of focus within our working environment. More than ever, the  management of fresh air supply is a critical control measure and we must continue to work to manage these conditions.

The testing of carbon dioxide levels will give you the best data for assessing the successful implementation of the correct air supplies in your buildings. But remember that this can fluctuate within your buildings, based on occupancy and availability of fresh air to certain areas, such as meeting rooms and the configuration of offices. Trusted, independent and qualified testing throughout your properties will provide you with the confidence in your building’s performance.

As time moves on, and confidence increases within our workforces and as a nation, consideration will be needed to strike the balance once again between pandemic controls and the requirements for good energy performance, and the impact that this will have on our already struggling environment. The immediate focus for now has to be on pandemic control, and bringing back the confidence to the workplace. Longer term, sustainability will still need attention.