Are you managing COVID-19 on a risk-based approach in your workplace?

Emma Smith 2022

Emma Smith
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
17th August 2021

The ‘pingdemic’ has now passed, and those in close proximity to a case of COVID 19, no longer have to self-isolate for 10 days, provided that they show no symptoms of the virus and they meet other conditions.

This is a huge step forward and will only assist organisation in making safe and informed decisions about their working practices. But it does not remove the ongoing risk to infection, as is the case with all respiratory viruses. So, what must we continue to do to manage our workplaces effectively?

In the past few weeks, whilst we have worked in limbo, organisations have been challenged by making informed decisions based on the health and safety of their staff, but also from a business continuity point of view.

With the latest alleviation of isolation requirements, a more ‘normal’ work lifestyle can be resumed if the organisation wishes to. But whilst we tentatively step into this return to normal, we must still remember to manage on a risk-based approach considering our workplaces: 

  • Do the lifts need to be fully occupied?
  • Do our offices need to be fully occupied?
  • Can flexible (hybrid) working help our people to maintain a good work life balance?

There are many things that can be considered. But tentative steps will make returning to normal a less intimidating experience. Remember, whilst many things will now come down to company policy, general hygiene, cleaning and ventilation still fall at the forefront of Government advice.

 If you need any help or support with your COVID-19 risk management, get in touch.