Volunteer day at Chestnut Tree House

On Monday 14th September 2018, a volunteer group of six from Assurity Consulting spent the day gardening in the grounds of Chestnut Tree House.

Emma S, Cameron, Jon H, Marcus, George and Lara used their ‘make a difference day’ to volunteer at the children’s hospice in Arundel. Our ‘make a difference’ scheme allows each employee one paid day a year to support a charity of their choice.

The team arrived at 9am and signed in and were then given a tour of the house. It was an amazing opportunity to see how great the house truly is. They make it as homely and welcoming as possible to make sure that all the children feel at home. They have thought of everything - lots of different types of room such as a music room, a sensory room and even a swimming pool!

The team spent most of the day clearing up their woodland walk which was custom built a few years back to make it accessible for all but to still feel like you are walking in the woods! They spent the day sweeping, weeding and generally tidying up the area to make it look nice. It was mild outside and the sun was shining so the team were very lucky with the weather!

The day ran from 9am to 4pm with a break in between for lunch and our volunteers were treated to tea and cake to finish the day at 3.30pm.

Chestnut Tree House were so grateful for our support, they sent a card the following the day and Amber Lilly, Corporate Fundraiser, commented, “Thank you so very much for coming to the house and volunteering in our garden - it is greatly appreciated. I hope that you enjoyed the day spent here and getting to see the house also. Good luck with your bake off and keep us to up to date with your upcoming 10k run”.

We look forward to continuing to support Chestnut Tree House and will be organising further volunteer days with them next year!