Health and safety legislation impacts on the vast majority of business operations, although how compliance is achieved can vary considerably and purely being compliant in some instances may not mean you are safe.

Whether it is about knowing where your organisation’s own processes need supplementing or if specialist intervention is required, we make sure support is integrated where it is needed. This sees compliance become more of a value added activity as opposed to just identifying non-compliance or gaps in your processes.

As there are so many aspects to health and safety, the key to delivering not just compliance but value added compliance is to understand your business and the risks, people, place or process it creates through independent, professional analysis of your activities.

In order to deliver the right solutions for our customers, our team of health and safety consultants are all members of IOSH or IIRSM. The team offers NEBOSH certified and OSHCR registered consultants. We allocate our customers a full-time account manager ensuring a long-term relationship, learning-curve efficiencies and full traceability.

At Assurity Consulting, we believe that the secret to doing it well – to making your health and safety good for your business - is knowing where your company’s own roles need to be supplemented by the resources of external health and safety consultants to form a complete, compliant set of activities. That is why we are the first choice for hundreds of organisations in the UK.

To give just one example, if publicised checks on compliance, or more effective management of risk can reduce employee absenteeism by one day per employee per year, that is a huge boost to productivity and profitability.

We tailor our consultancy services to our customer’s needs, looking at strategic and operational needs, current and emerging risks, and showing you how to manage those risks intelligently.

Our Health and Safety Management Services Include:

  • Strategic and operational level reviews/assessments of your health and safety management
  • Compliance based gap analysis
  • Workplace risk assessments (COSHH, DSE, manual handling, expectant mothers, etc.)
  • Comprehensive health and safety training, (including, awareness for responsible persons, DSE, manual handling, legislation, risk assessment, etc.), as well as IOSH approved courses.
  • Senior management health and safety briefings
  • Risk management briefings
  • Health and safety policy and meeting support
  • Liaison and support with enforcing agencies

Read our independent workplace guide on what successful health and safety management looks like



Manage the relevant risks

Manage the relevant risks

You get the key facts on which to act. Our trained and experienced team provide hundreds of professional assessment across the UK every year, and, because we do not offer remedial services you only receive impartial advice.

Understanding your business

Understanding your business

We allocate a full-time account manager so that they can get to know you and your organisation, analysing more deeply, reacting more quickly, and acting from a position of the fullest possible knowledge.

Know what you need to know

Know what you need to know

You can rest easy, knowing that our expertise is deep and always on-call, and that our recommendations have only your best interests at heart.

Support you need when you need it

Support you need when you need it

Because we have expertise in specialist areas such as asbestos, Legionella, fire, workplace environments and access as well as health and safety, and all our consultants are full time employees (not associates), we always know someone to go to, to help provide you with the solutions or answers you need.

Comprehensive not complex

Comprehensive not complex

By making it our business to know your business and how it operates, we can tailor our service to suit your situation. This means you are managing each aspect of your health and safety to the right level for you and allocating resources efficiently as well as effectively.

Compliance is at your fingertips

Compliance is at your fingertips

Assurity Plus, our online compliance management solution not only keeps track of your activities on a building and portfolio basis but also has the ability to provide an accident reporting facility as well as store all your compliance documentation. Never lose another compliance report or inspection certificate again.


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London & Regional Properties

"Assurity Consulting are the people that ‘check the checker’. They make sure everything is up to date, they offer ‘fresh eyes’ and help us to make sure we are forward thinking on all health and safety matters. I am very proud to say I have a long standing team and tenants who are completely satisfied that our building has continually high quality standards of health and safety"

- Chris Longman, General Manager, London & Regional Properties

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