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Scottish sausage business fined £310K after two workers lost fingers

A sausage business has been fined £310,000 after two of their workers lost fingers in horror accidents. Darren Dunn, 37, and Ian Qua, 22, were both left scarred for life while working in factories owned by Browns Food Group. Ian Qua lost a finger in the machine while emptying sausage meat, while Darren Dunn's finger was ripped off while he was grinding meat for Lorne sausages.

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HSE has released annual workplace fatality figures for 2019/20

The Health and Safety Executive has released its annual figures for the number of work-related fatalities in 2019/20, as well as the number of people known to have died from the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma, in 2018.

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London Fire Brigade warns of a spike in fires as UK pubs reopen

London Fire Brigade (LFB) is warning of a possible spike in fires due to concerns that people may drink to excess as pubs, bars and restaurants reopen for the first time in three months.

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HSE urges businesses to become COVID-secure

The HSE is calling for businesses in Great Britain to make sure they’re COVID-secure as more sectors start to open their doors.

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National Fire Chiefs Council’s “clear answers on cladding” call at Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has called for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry to “get to the truth” about why such dangerous cladding came to be installed on the building and ensure those responsible are held to account.

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