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What is it with Wellbeing?

Wellbeing in the workplace is rightly a hot topic, what it actually means or how it is being positioned can be different things to different organisations? A quick search on the World Wide Web produced the following definition of wellbeing “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. But how is this being interpreted and managed in the context of the workplace?

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Health and Safety Management - A Curse or a Blessing?

How big is your health and safety management system? For some “the more the better” approach prevails, with tomes of health and safety management documentation covering every conceivable hazard. For others it can be next to nothing – as we all too often see in the latest prosecutions making the news.

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Health and Safety Training - Tick Box or Tactics

Training in its broadest sense should be designed to improve skills, impart information and/or develop understanding. It is also fundamental to health and safety - whether specifically cited in regulations or as a route to competence – along with experience and knowledge.

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Fire Training - what are you learning?

Training, experience and knowledge are often cited as the three components of competency. With fire safety rightly being re-examined currently, let's take a look at fire training.

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Making a noise about noise

Noise, defined as ''unwanted, unpleasant and loud sound'', is an everyday fact for us at home or at work, but excessive noise over potentially short as well as long term exposure can lead to permanent damage/loss of hearing.

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Occupancy comfort is it an exact science or fine art?

The comfort of your employees in the workplace is by nature ambiguous. What is ''comfortable'' for one person is not for another and this can extend to light levels, noise, draughts and humidity as well as space temperature.

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Increasing your IQ on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) will be one of the topics regularly discussed during 2018. The fact that some urban areas have not breached air quality guidelines so far this year has been noteworthy and speaks for itself.

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