Corporate Responsibility 2017

At Assurity Consulting we understand the importance of the balance between being successful and running our business responsibly and ethically. We believe that being a responsible business directly links to our achievements and enables us to provide the best service to our customers. We appreciate that there are many aspects that define a ‘responsible business’ and we strive to be proficient in all of these. We believe that whatever the size of our organisation, our business plans should focus on more than just making profit. This is why our company takes time to help and support the local community.

We believe that community engagement and supporting charities is vital when aiming to be a responsible business. 2017 was a successful year for us and we accomplished a great deal in terms of giving back to those in need.

Here at Assurity Consulting we have four main community partners, three of which are members of the Gatwick Diamond Business where we met them at networking events:

  • The Springboard Project;
  • St Catherine’s Hospice;
  • Chestnut Tree House and;
  • The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre.

We have helped these charities in a variety of ways. Throughout 2017 we have held volunteers day with them, taken part in their organised charity events and raised money for them internally. We have a "Make a Difference Day" scheme which allows each employee to take a paid day outside of the office doing something for charity. The scheme compliments our corporate responsibility goals while also being a popular perk with the employees who get to spend a day helping a cause of their choice.

In 2017 our money raised and donated totalled £8551. The amount of employee time spent on corporate responsibility throughout the year was 581 hours and the value of this time equated to £8134.Chestnut Tree House Logo

Looking in to 2018 we hope to be even more successful in these totals. We have implemented a ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2018 and are delighted that Chestnut Tree House Children’s hospice was nominated through the employee vote. Having a Charity of the Year is good for an SME as it makes sense to focus on fundraising efforts because these help maximise impact. This forges a deeper mutual understanding, which can add unexpected value, bringing benefits beyond fundraising.